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Over the last few years, breakthroughs in blockchain tech have infused some of the most revolutionary and exceptional upgrades to processes across various industries. This growing impact of blockchain on different industries has risen the confidence of stakeholders and in turn egging them on to focus on use cases that seemed complex before. Spotting the potential of blockchain and opportunities it opens up, legacy auto majors have begun adopting this emerging tech to remain competitive as well as relevant in future market scenarios.
Current blockchain solutions for the automotive industry range from mobility services to data monetization. Among these solutions, BC seeks to answer challenges posed in the insurance, the marketplace economy as well as the vehicle autonomy spaces to further bridge the ever narrowing distance between consumers and producers.
This report includes a comprehensive analysis of the adoption of BC tech in the auto industry and also highlights the major trends and opportunities across the ecosystem.
Blockchain Impact and Adoption Trend Analysis
This section of the report identifies the segments of the auto industry that hold a key role in the adoption and roll out of blockchain tech. Included in this section is also a summary of the critical details of the current industry structure and ecosystem and the foundational elements with respect to blockchain tech, applicable blockchain types and their uses or business case as well as a detailed analysis of the impact of blockchain on the auto industry.
This section along with highlighting the use cases and applications of blockchain in the auto industry also lists the benefits, implementation challenges, and the expected timeline for blockchain adoption in the auto industry. Moreover, this section of the report also explores future revenue and business models in light of the opportunities that are anticipated to arise from blockchain adoption.

Automotive Blockchain Services
This section of the report identifies different blockchain-enabled automotive solutions that are or can be realized – mobility services, supply chain services, electric vehicle charging, vehicle autonomy, data monetization, and data history, insurance, marketplace, loyalty, and other solutions – whilst providing detailed info. on the space. The information in this section encompasses an overview of the industry, details of the startup ecosystem, leading startups and their offerings, case studies, and revenue models. This section also lists and profiles startups and technology companies creating a niche and leaving a mark on the industry. Some of the top companies focused on delivering automotive-linked services through blockchain-enabled solutions have also been profiled briefly in this section.
1. Executive Summary

2. Industry Overview
2.1 Global Automotive Industry
2.2 Key Trends – Shaping the Global Automotive Industry

3. Key Value Chain Stakeholders & Participant
3.1 Raw Material Suppliers
3.2 Component Suppliers
3.3 Car Manufacturers/OEMs
3.4 Utility Providers/Energy Companies
3.5 Service Centers and Chains
3.6 Dealers and Distributors

4. Blockchain Technology Solutions
4.1 Mobility Services
4.2 Supply Chain Services
4.3 Electric Vehicle Charging
4.4 Vehicle Autonomy
4.5 Data Monetization and History Data
4.6 Insurance
4.7 Marketplace
4.8 Loyalty
4.9 Other Solutions

5. Blockchain Setup
5.1 Consortium-linked Approach
5.2 Startups
5.3 Automotive Companies
5.4 Others: Technology Player

6. State of Blockchain Adoption in the Automotive Industry
6.1 Immediate Opportunities
6.2 Long-Term Opportunities
6.3 Financial Backing

7. Conclusion

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